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Business Letter Envelope Printing Services. Create custom Letter-envelope designs to showcase your business's branding and we will print them in full color in a variety of envelope sizes.
Manufactured by: Aladdin Print Phillipines
Model: Envelopes
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Letter Envelopes

  • Collection of business envelope designs printed by Aladdinprint Phil

"Try online High Quality Envelopes printing with fast and efficient turnarounds.
Guaranteed quality and on-time delivery with expert technical help."

Book Paper 90gsm


- Improve to a higher quality stock
- high quality coated specialty paper

Choose Paper
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Shipping and Delivery

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Printing Cost
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High Quality Letter-Envelopes

CMYK 4 colors 105mm X 238mm

Book Paper 90gsm

A white matte economy bond stock especially suitable for Envelopes and Letterheads,
The matte white coating ensures that text is sharp and clear while photos and color graphics are bright with good contrast.

Mohawk Smooth White 90 gsm

A white smooth premium stock especially suitable for Envelopes and Letterheads,
8 textures and 34 shades, 14 weights from 20 writing to 130 cover, FSC-certified 100% PC Cool White, Vibrant color palette and a range of popular finishes, Smooth and satin finishes deliver superior print performance.

Production Times

The production times listed apply - unless otherwise indicated upon receipt of your file completion (including confirmed printing data and payment) on working days before 10 am.

* Excluding shipping time

Production Time
10 - 15 working days
Working days are Monday through Saturday, excluding Sundays and Holidays.

Acceptable File Formats

All artworks must be CMYK mode.

Icon File Extensions Icon File Extensions
product .ai product .eps
product .pdf product .psd

Document Size

Document Size Trim Size
3.9" X 9.2" (99mm X 233.6mm) 4.1" X 9.4" (105mm X 238mm)
Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.

Price Chart

Stock GSM Color 500 1,000 1,500 2,000
Bookpaper 90gsm Single color print 2,470 3,185 3,916 4,637
Full color print 5,910 6,663 7,410 8,168
Mohawk Smooth White 90gsm Single color print 3,987 6,132 8,298 10,454
Full color print 7,735 9,978 12,209 14,452

What are file requirements to upload - Letter Envelopes

How to prepare your files to order Letter Envelopes?
For best results, please follow our guidelines when you are uploading your own artwork.
Not following the any of these requirements would be the reasons why unexpected errors are occurring, and has no responsibility for that.


Please create a document size (bleed size) when you upload your file. To avoid file size errors, please download our templates.

Size requirement

Document Size (Bleed Size) - Blue line
99mm X 233.6mm / 3.9" X 9.2" / Resolution 300 dpi

Trim size (Final size after being cut) - Red line
105mm X 238mm / 4.1" X 9.4" / Resolution 300 dpi



It is very difficult to print exactly to the edge of a sheet of paper/card, to achieve this it is necessary to print a slightly larger area than is needed and then trim the paper/card down to the required finished size. Images, background images and fills which are intended to extend to the edge of the page must be extended beyond the trim line to give a bleed.
Bleeds to order our Letter-Envelopes basically are 1mm on each side from where the cut is to be made.

Bleed Setup


You will want to make sure all text and graphics that are not intended to be cut off are within the safe zone. The safe zone is an area that is a safe distance away from the trim line where the cut will take place. Text and graphics within the safe zone are guaranteed to not be cut off.
Text and graphics should be at least 1.5 mm on each side from the trim line(cut line).

Safe zone

Safe Area (Text & Graphic safe zone) - Green line ( )

Safe Area


Make your artworks front and back each group.

Group -


You should arrange your artworks front and back in one file like below.


Artwork Arrangement (Horizontal) -


Artwork Arrangement (Vertical) -

6. Number of versions

Versions(sets) are items that the same specifications(size, etc), just different artwork
- eg) Letter-Envelopes for 20 different people.

Number of Version -

How to Create a print-ready file

The following instructions will help you create a print-ready file. If after reading them you are still unsure about anything, please visit to get more informations the Artwork Guides section of our website, request a professional File Check or contact customer services at


Your file these formats in 1:1 scale (not password protected).

Icon File Extensions Description/Program Used Version
product .ai Adobe Illustrator drawing or vector graphics file CS3
product .eps An EPS file is an Encapsulated Postscript file, AI stands for Adobe Illustrator. There's not really a difference between the two. AI's only work and can only be edited in Adobe Illustrator. You can export AI's as EPS files so that other programs may be able to read it. CS3
product .pdf PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else. /
product .psd A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe PhotoShop. PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document, is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data. Below CS3


All files must be created in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Images in RGB or in PANTONE colors which must be converted to CMYK.

Aladdinprintphil does not guarantee color will match the preview on customer's monitor, as we cannot compensate for the color variance on each customer's monitor set-up.
The color you see in your monitor is in RGB Color scheme which consists of three colors; Red, Green and Blue. These are the primary colors of light, which computer monitors use to display images on your screen.

The color to be printed on your business card is in CMYK color scheme, which consists of four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. In full-color process printing, CMYK is the standard method of offset printing.

Therefore, the printed color will never perfectly match the on-screen color. Colors vary from monitor to monitor, and different printers produce different color results.

Adobe Illustrator

A. Go to the File Menu and choose "Document Color Mode"
B. check mark will appear next to current color mode.
C. Select CMYK Color


Adobe Photoshop

A. Go to the Image Menu and choose "Color Mode"
B. A check mark will appear next to current color mode
C. Select CMYK Color


Color mode

Color difference


The optimal resolution for the print files is 300 dpi.
Please note that if your image or text is a lower dpi, converting it in a design program to 300 dpi won't actually increase the resolution, you will want to make sure that the actual image or graphic was originally created at 300 dpi.

Image Resolution 300dpi -


Fonts should be embedded into the PDF or converted into curves/paths. The minimum font size (below which we cannot guarantee perfect print quality) is 6 pt. The minimum printable line weight is 0.25 pt.

How to Convert fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator

A. Select all the text (Control + A)
B. Click Type Menu > Type > Create Outlines
C. Text now has a outline

Converting Vector Fonts to Outlines -


Download the template from the website: the required bleed of 2 mm on each side will already be correctly set up. Text should be at least 3 mm from the cut line.


Effects for gradient, transparency and shadow must be converted rasterize or bitmap.

How to Convert rasterize in Adobe Illustrator

A. Select the Object in an effect
B. Click Type Object > Rasterize

Converting Vector Fonts to Outlines -

1. Choose CMYK in the Color Model
2. Select the High (300 ppi) option in the Resolution section
3. Select the White option in the Background section


Most designers like to work with spot colors. But in many cases, these artworks need to be printed using CMYK inks, an extra "dedicated" ink for the spot color is more expensive.

Converting Vector Fonts to Outlines -


Every company has their own recipe for a nice black. But a black that carries too much ink can be a problem for some printing methods. A black that's too heavy can cause web breaks on a web press and marking or set off.

Deep Black -


You must delete all unnecessary guidelines / crop marks / registration marks / empty font object.

Deleting Empty Font Objects -


You must unlock all objects.

How to unlock the objects

Click Object > Unlock All

Unlocked Objects -

Download our template - Letter Envelopes

Letter-Envelopes Template

To avoid file size errors, please download our templates.

Template for Business-cards
Download Aladdinprintphil' AI Template
Download Aladdinprintphil' PSD Template
Download Aladdinprintphil' PDF Template

Turnaround Time - Letter Envelopes

Turnaround time is the processing time that the product you ordered takes until it is completely manufactured.
There are 1-2 shipping days for you to receive your product finally.


This turnaround schedule is not for guaranteed shipping. The shipping can be delay some conditions.


    DAY 1


    When you make a payment for your order, we will check your file (artwork).

    After conformed the file which will be in our progress to work for your order.


    DAY 3


    Basically it takes a day to process for printing, after confirmed your order.

    It is possible a day to delay due to a number of works we have or finishing options.


    DAY 7~10


    Last process to complete the work, it need to be take a day for cutting procedure.

    It is possible a day to delay due to a number of works.


    DAY 10~15


    After checking your product, we will send your product immediately.

    It can be take more time depending on your area.



    Only Metro Manila and some areas of Luzon will be delivered your product on next day from a date of sending.

    We can deliver your order anywhere in the Philippines.


Working days are Monday thru Saturday, excluding Sundays and Holidays.


  • Choose
    your product

  • Upload
    your Design

  • Pay for
    your product

  • Proceed

  • Send
    your product


PICK-UP Informations map

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(T. 646-9810 F. 646-9913)

- If coming from Ortigas, take Ortigas Ave. going to Cainta take Rosario going to Ligaya
- If coming from Marcos Highway, take A. Rodriquez Ave. going to Pasig
- The landmark nearest is the Central Business Park
- The street right after to Central Business Park is A. Mabini St.,
- Then go straight ahead to A. Mabini, look for the big green gate of Trojan Forms factory.

3 WAY how you get your Products.

A. Pick up at Pasig office

B. Assigned pick-up place

C. Delivery

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