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  Company Questions

  • What kind of service do you provide?

  • We print business cards, plastic cards, bookmarks, presentation folders, envelopes, flyers, stickers and postcards. We are also eager to serve more well made products in the future. All products will be shipped to anywhere in the Philippines within 5 business days by courier. You can also download over 1,480 free images we provide! Or you can create and design your own online.

  • How can I contact you?

  • If you wish to contact us for any reason,

    - Address : 488 A. Mabini St., Manggahan, Pasig City, Philippines
    - Toll Free Number : (632) 646-9810, (632) 748-2522
    - Telefax : (632) 646-9810
    - Email :
           (Customer - Satisfaction Manager)
    - Website :

  • What is your office hours?

  • Business Hours : Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • What is your Privacy and Security Policy?

  • Your private information is fully protected by our company, and of course not any of them is shared with other companies. We only use your information to contact you when the requested service is provided. Our security system for billing and payment system is equipped and supported by an expert security company. Trust that the connection is secure and order without worry. Information that we gather is always protected and secured by us.

  My Account Questions

  • How do I create an Account?

  • To create your account, Please click "Sign up" at the top left corner of our website, and simply sign up as a new member.

  • I forgot my password. What should I do?

  • Click the link below. If you remember your E-mail address, we can send your password. CLICK HERE
    You should have a correct E-mail address registered. If you still can't find your password, you possibly did not register before. Please go to the "Login" page, and sign up. If your E-mail has been registered, you cannot sign up with the same E-mail address.

  • I cannot newly register or login. What should I do?

  • You can have only one E-mail address for an account. If you are trying to sign up with a registered E-mail address, it will not work. Please send us an E-mail if you still have a problem in signing up when you use an unregistered E-mail address.

    If you don't remember your password. We will send your password to your E-mail. CLICK HERE

  • How can I make changes in my account information?

  • To change or update your account information, please follow the steps below.

    1. Please Login.
    2. Click on "My account"
    3. Click on "My information"
    4. Change the appropriate information.
    5. Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom.

  Payment Questions

  • How can I pay for my order?

  • Payment can be done via the following methods:
    1. Bank deposit though BDO
    2. Online using a credit card
    3. Bank balance transfer to our bank account
    4. Cash payment upon pick-up of order

  • How much is the cost of 1 box calling cards?

  • Prices vary depending on:
    1. Type of paper used
    2. Number of sides that need to be printed.
    3. Other special executions like die-cutting, special shapes additional folds, embossing, gold or silver stamping and other materials.

  • Do you accept check payments?

  • Yes, check payments will be accepted. But processing and delivery of the order will be done ONLY after the checks have been cleared and credited into our account. Checks will be accepted under the following conditions
    1. Must be a corporate or company check. Personal checks will not be accepted.
    2. The check must be dated and will be deposited on the same day.

  • Can I order online but pay via bank deposit?

  • Yes, you can place order thru online and pay thru bank deposit. To do this you must:
    1. Make the order online and click "Pay."
    2. Our system will acknowledge your order online and inform you that it is still unpaid.
    3. We will advise you our account details for payment deposit.
    4. After payment you need to email or fax to us the validated deposit slip for our reference.
    5. We will then start the processing of your order.

  Products Questions

  • What is the minimum quantity requirement to order for business cards?

  • We print a minimum of one (1) box with 100 cards. One (1) name per box.

  • Is there a price difference in case we order big quantities of business cards?

  • There will be price difference for big quantities of orders. You can refer to our price calculator in the website for the pricing tabulation.

  • What is the quality printing output your cards compared with the one being offered in the malls?

  • Indeed! There are huge differences. We list a few:
    1. Type of paper used is usually lower in thickness since mall-based printers use desktop inkjet printers that can only accept specific sizes and thicknesses.
    2. Inkjet printing will eventually smudge. Offset-quality digital printing lasts a lifetime.
    3. We produce offset-quality printing, meaning the resolution of the letters to a specific readable size will still be crisp and sharp.
    4. Cutting is another big concern. Since we use high quality machine cutters our cards are precisely aligned and cut.
    5. Overall quality and finish. One can easily distinguish between printed jobs done using lesser machines.

  • What are the types of paper you used for business cards?

  • Papers vary from standard white stock, to special textured papers and even environmentally-conscious papers that are recycled. Our huge selection gives many options for the customer. For paper choices you can visit our website at: various paper choices with a brief description of the paper. For the actual copy of printed materials, our sales representative can visit your office to show you samples for your reference and can give you also recommendation..

  • Do you offer layouting of business cards? How long will it take? And at what cost?

  • Yes we can layout for you but for a minimal charge. Here are the conditions:
    1. Images and text information must be available at the time the order is made.
    2. We will recommend a layout with fonts and styles if not specified yet.
    3. Please give 1 to 2 working days for a layout to be completed (as long as the necessary files are available.)
    4. Tracing a logo or vectorizing an artwork will cost a lot more due to complication and time consumed. Please allocate an additional day for this process.
    5. Jobs that we layout need approval and revision. This will depend on how quickly the revisions to a layout job are returned to us.

  • How many days processing for specialized business cards i.e with gold stamping, embossing, round corners, plastic business cards, etc.?

  • Processing specialized business cards i.e gold stamping, embossing, round corners etc. will be 5-7 working days while the plastic business cards can take up to 14 working days. We add additional days (up to 14 working days) for the special works/procedures in processing the cards.

  • Aside from business cards, what other printing jobs that you process or do?

  • We also print brochures, flyers, folders, letterheads, postcards, stickers, etc. Visit for our other products and services.

  Ordering Questions

  • How can we place an order?

  • You can place an order in 2 online ways:
    1. Visit and click on "Products" in the top navigation bar and scroll down to choose "Business cards." You may also choose from our other products there.
    2. Or you can send an email to with either the details of your calling card and a design to upload. You can also email us to inquire and we will provide you instructions or directions on how to go about your order.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

  • After placing an order, you can view the order status from Order List. Click My Account / Order List

  • How many days will be the processing time for business cards?

  • We process business cards anywhere from 3 to 5 working days upon receipt of deposit or full payment of the order.

  Shipping Questions

  • How can we receive my order?

  • You may opt to pick-up your order or we can have it deliver to your desired delivery address with delivery charge. Charges will depend on the volumes or quantities of order and the area or location. You may also refer to our website: for the delivery cost.

  • How can you guarantee that we will receive our order on time?

  • Aladdin Print Philippines has employed its contacted a trusted delivery company who are well known in the delivery services.

  • Do you accept rush orders?

  • Yes we do. Rush orders mean less than 2 working days. We have two requirements for this:
    1. Orders must be made and paid first (either online or in person)
    2. The files must be ready and must comply to our specifications (please check the specifications on our website)
    3. The files are free of errors and corrections. We will not take responsibility for errors at printing stage.
    4. To further speed up the process, we recommend that orders be picked-up at our office.

  ARTWORK & File Questions

  • What type of files can I send to

  • We recommend use of Illustrator. You may also send the file in the following types: PDF, PSD, JPEG, EPS, and TIFF.

  • What color mode should my files be?

  • It is very important to check your document's color settings If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur and you may not be satisfied with your job.
    Please always start and finish your designs in CMYK color mode.

  • What will be the prescribed files that we need to use in sending our layout and artwork?

  • We recommend only:
    1. High resolution files no smalled than 300 dpi.
    2. Files made in Photoshop must be "merged" and "flattened" so no font replacements will happen. Illustrator and InDesign files must be "packaged" so that no unwanted changes will occur when opening the files.
    3. Files in .jpg or .tif at 300 dpi or over will be the best.
    4. Files over 500MB must be compressed of "zipped."

  • We are having problem uploading our artwork for back-to-back prints of our business cards. How can we upload our files?

  • 1. File uploads may be affected by the file size and Internet speeds.
    2. For files over 500MB it is best to compress, or zip the files.
    3. You may use compression software (such as WinZip or CompressIt!) or we can email you instructions on how to properly zip files to send to us.
    4. Send your zipped files to us via email so we can process immediately.

  • I do have an artwork but the size and the quantity requirement is not listed in your website. Can you do customize printing jobs?

  • Yes, we do customize printing jobs. Kindly email us of the details and specifications including the artworks so we could respond to your needs and we could give you proper quotation for your job.

  • How should I set up a Spot UV finishing?

  • When creating a Spot UV job, you must include a Spot UV template file along with the regular full color file. The Spot UV template file is used to show where the UV will be placed. Use 100% K to indicate where you would like the UV. White will indicate no UV.